Disable Mouse Right Click

Why would you need to disable your mouse's right click function?

Two reasons come to mind, firstly to stop your children accessing the menus and doing something drastic to your computer! Secondly, if like me you play online Flash games where if you accidently click the right mouse button a menu comes up and blocks the game play, though it continues regardless.

The simplest Right Click disabler I've found is MurGee Mouse Disabler. Just download, run it and tick the right click box and any other settings you want, and when you've finished, click the Reset Settings button to close the program and restore your mouse's right click.

It's not as free as I thought at first. After a number of uses, you are prompted to register to continue to use, at least it's only $5 (about £3 GBP at the time of writing). May 2014