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Search Engines

To make things easier to submit a site to the various Search Engines, we recommend AceBit's Hello Engines currently in version 10 for under £100 and this version will allow submission of up to ten different websites (Free version allows submission for two websites).

Also available is the professional version of Hello Engines, called AESOPS 10 which currently costs approximately €350/£280 for an unlimited number of web sites.


Remote Assistance

If you are after Remote Assistance and we have agreed to this, we will probably connect via Teamviewer to your desktop. Please download this Quick Connect program in readiness. We will require the ID and password once this is run.

If we require FTP access, please arrange for us to receive temporary FTP access to your server and let us know the details, URL, username and password. Thank you.

If we are de-bugging something like Joomla or phpList please ensure we have the access details, url, username and password.

danger iconYet again, there are fake apparent paypal "Please Verify Your Account" emails floating around the ether.

These appear to be sent from PayPal and look genuine, but of course they are not. They are in fact sent from paypai.com but the scammers use a capital "i" in place of "l" in paypal which in most fonts look the same.

As with all scam emails, never click on a link within the email, if you wish to check that your genuine PayPal account is still active, type in the PayPal dot com address in your regular browser and check it on the genuine PayPal site.

Here's a screen shot of the fake email with the capital "i" highlighted at the bottom, the link in the email looks genuine as the font used shows the lower-case L the same as an Upper-Case (Capital) "i".

fake paypai email